Picture with Santa 2009

As we're getting ready to close out this year, I thought I'd post this year's picture with Santa. What a difference a year makes! Last year I was pregnant and knew it was twins, but I didn't know it was two boys for another several weeks. I was still so scared, but hopeful. We were mostly out of the first trimester and were beginning to tell people. Now they are out and have personalities! And so does their sister! And she adores them!

Today was a rough day though. The boys didn't want to sleep today, but the good news is that Liam did roll over once on his own! Not that we saw it, but when I got him from his crib this morning, he was on his stomach and I know no one put him that way. He didn't do any repeat performances of this act all day though. Ooohh! And I got Liam's hair fixed (not in this pic - I need to post a pic of his new 'do)!!! We were at a holiday party on the 26th and a hair stylist was there and I asked her to fix up the stragglies on his hair. He has these really long pieces that always look like a comb-over. It drives me crazy!!!! So now he looks like a clean-cut little boy. BTW, I'm not counting this as his first haircut. To me that will be when all of it needs to be cut, not just these straggling long pieces sticking out of the short ones.

Tommy's continued to explore entire rooms by rolling alone. We're gone for when he starts crawling because he's already fast just by rolling. I went to the bathroom today and by the time I got out, he was attacking Phoebe's presents under the Christmas tree. And I was trying to use the bathroom quickly since I knew he was on the floor. And people wonder why my old jeans fit again!


Leigh said…
That is a beautiful photo, Heather. And WOW, the rolling sounds like it'll take lots of energy from the grown-ups. When mine scream, I shout back from wherever I am, "I'm coming, your mother is OLD" :)
Lovely children, and thank for stopping by my blog and saying hi and telling me all about your journey! I love yoga, love the fact that you're a mom how that's unfolded for you :) Many blessings to you and your fam over the holiday season! xoxo
Anonymous said…
Such a great photo! We've yet to go see Santa as I'm not sure Lemy will react well. Maybe next year! ;) The boys are getting so big! And rolling already?!! Wow! I hope you have a very happy new years! :)
Diana said…
Adorable! I love the image of your boys rolling all over the floor as a means of transportation, haha. :)
Lynda said…
Hi Heather. What a gorgeous photo - it is a beautiful reminder of how SIF can result in something positive at the end of it all for some. You so deserve your gorgeous boys and Phoebe looks very proud of her baby brothers! Thanks for checking in on me via my blog; I have been thinking about you lately too. Glad to hear motherhood the second time round is mainly going well. Take care. x
Rumour Miller said…
Love the photo. She is a doll and the boys are handsome!
Guera! said…
Love that photo and it's great to see how the twins are doing!

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