Snow, Snow, Everywhere!

BTW, thanks for also reminding me about the speech therapy part. You'd think I'd remember that considering I was in speech therapy at school from 4th to 7th grade. I had developed a stuttering problem when I moved schools. Oh and Leo had lots of speech therapy because he didn't hear right when he was little. He had really really bad ears. Eight sets of tubes from 3 to 16!

For those who don't know I live near Philadelphia, PA, we had two feet of snow dumped on us last weekend. So of course we had to bundle the boys up in their new snowsuits and get some pics of them outside. It was too windy though, to get them over to "Wilson hill" for sledding. BTW, that's the really big water basin that's on our property. It's awesome for sledding in winter! Here's some pics.

Liam in his snowsuit - you can see how pale his blue eyes are in this pic

Tommy in his snowsuit - with his darker blue eyes

The two of them together - Liam on the left, Tommy on the right

Leo with his boys

Phoebe making the trek to the sledding hill

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us all!


Amy C said…
Holy crap they look ADORABLE in those snow suits!!!! I wish we would get snow like that :-(
Leigh said…
Heath, I'm so jealous of all that snow. I've only ever seen snow once in my life (freak snow in Jhb about 2 years ago - prior to that about 20 year gap).

And those boys? My word - they are so cute in their snowsuits. Beautiful eyes and I love the pic of Leo and his boys.

Now Phoebe? She is going to break some serious hearts :) Such wisdom in those eyes, like she has it all figured out :)

And thanks for your helpful comment on the sleep post! Happy to report last night went much better - I think they're in a growth spurt!
Martha said…
They are so adorable and that looks like a lot of fun.
Happy New Year to the Joys in Our Lives!
Deanna said…
I'm a little jealous of that snow too! It looks like it would be fun to play in..for a little while, at least. In Alabama, everything would come to a standstill for at least a week!

All three of your babies are beautiful!
Anonymous said…
The snow was out of control! It was cool that we had a "white Christmas", but the date it occurred kind of put our family holiday gatherings to a halt.
Carrie Ann said…
Your kids are gorgeous!! The twins are soooo adorable!!! Just wanna squeeze...

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