Trying to Get Pics for Holiday Cards

I still haven't sent out our Holiday Cards because I haven't gotten time to have a photo session with both the boys and Phoebe. Follow me on my quest tonight before the boys bedtime. Eventually, we had to stop and put them to bed. But the beginning was good. I think I know what I might like to pic. Need to show to Leo and see what he thinks.

Here's the beginning, the boys in clean red fleece sweaters with Phoebe in her Santa hat that she loves, but a pink shirt. We used to be able to use Phoebe's toddler chair and put a blanket over it for her Holiday pics, but since there are two toddler chairs under there, it seems like everyone is so far away. And I can't get everyone looking my way. There were other shots in this series, but one Liam looks stunned and another he's out of focus.

Then we tried some togetherness, which was hard for Phoebe as she was sitting cross-legged with each on a knee. She was such a good sport about this. I'm not crazy about Tommy's eyes in this photo.

This one I'm digging right now. Need to have Leo look at this and we may use this for cards going out.

Then I had Phoebe change into a red shirt and the boys started melting down ----

So I changed them into my favorite of their pjs and had Phoebe recreate the earlier photo. I like this one too, except they are not in red anymore and the boys are both looking in opposite directions. I'm not sure what I'm thinking right now. Leo may just look at these to get posing ideas and then help me try again tomorrow. I don't think I did so bad on my own.


Martha said…
I love them all, especially the third one for your photos.
Wow, twins, I am so not worthy w/my singletons...
ModernMom said…
I'm with you, I vot number three. (but they are all adorable!!)
nancy said…
I think they are all actually kind of great. It's hard to get that exact picture you have in your head, so just stick with one you have!
Two Kayaks said…
You children are beautiful!! Congratulations on your twins as well! It's nice to find other twin moms. :)
Merry Christmas!

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