Another Resume Submission

I haven't heard from Juniper Bank yet about my interview last week, but I don't mind so much. I had a co-worker submit my resume to Comcast today for a Network Engineering Project Manager job. It's in their IP/Internet access side, so it could be very exciting and more of what I used to do before I started working in credit cards IT. She also wrote such a nice email to her old boss about me. I think I should have her write all my resume submission letters. She made me sound so good!!! Anyway, part of the job that would be nice is that it would be in New Jersey. I know I've fought it for years, but I think now that we have Phoebe it might be nice to move to NJ. Better schools, her cousins, and some of the communities can be very nice. Shopping in Marlton is also very nice, and they have a Toppers Spa there!!! Well, we'll see how it goes.

I was driving Phoebe to school the other day this week, and she said the funniest thing. She really thinks she's hot stuff. She told me that some guy in a truck next to us waived at her. She said she did wave back. I said, "He probably thought you were cute." She answered back, "Everyone thinks I'm cute!" I laughed but it's true. She is a cute kid, I just wish she wouldn't say it like that. Maybe I should start telling her what a wierd looking baby she was. She really was. I'm so jealous at these cute babies that Tertia and Julia have. My daughter was so wierd looking she was cute. Kind of like a muppet. We called her our little gelfling. That's those muppets in the movie the Dark Crystal. They had big brown eyes, small faces, and puffy hair that stood on end. Now her hair is long enough to fall down nicely. Her face got bigger too.


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