It's Time to Clean up the House

Please sing like Bear in the Big Blue House... BTW, I knew when Phoebe started watching that show I really liked Bear. I couldn't put my finger on it. Then after she'd been watching that show for a month, I finally saw the logo at the end, "Jim Henson Creations." I love anything Jim Henson or Muppets! So enough of that.

I'm eating dinner in front of the computer, and I'm letting Phoebe eat in front of the TV for a treat. Tom's at his parents helping his sister Darci who's pregnant and is moving in with their parents with her husband (he's OK with this really!) in order to save some extra money for a house in a year or two. Actually it works out for their parents too, as my father-in-law is out on disability because his aortic aneurism (sp?) has gotten so bad he can't work. Darci and her DH moving in will help out with their parents expenses.

So after I write this, I'm going to be gathering up all my cleaning supplies together and cleaning up this mess of a place. It's really not that bad, but it's not up to my standards. I was really trying to kick some butt at work this week, and I've kind of let some stuff go. I want to take care of it tonight, so it doesn't linger over the whole weekend. When Phoebe was a baby, I had a cleaning service come in every week. It was $70 a week! When I canceled the service when she was a year old, I kept trying to remind myself. I'm saving myself $70/week!!!! Off to do great things!


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