Back to the Mat

I went to yoga class for the first time in four months. It's sad. My home practice is all I've had due to the yuckiness at work. I had enough. I need my lunch break on Mondays and Wednesdays. Plus I need all the soothing pep talks Michael gives as we lie in savasana at the end of class. I wish I could tape the things he says. I walk out of that hour feeling like a million bucks. Of course this morning, my muscles ache in places I forgot existed.

The cool thing is apparently I look different, hopefully in a good way. The first day of every quarter session, Michael walks around and says hi to all the new people. He came up to me yesterday and said, "And you are?" Then he say my face as I came up from laying out my mat, and he looked so happy to see me. And then Norma and Michael and I got into an interesting discussion around corporations and politics after class. In particular, how it's great that Howard Dean is in charge of the Democratic party, which will hopefully give them a shot in the pants. We need to start mobilizing the people to care about politics, not the corporations that have the money to make things go their way. We also talked about my trip to the Truman Presidential Library, and how funny I thought it was that even Truman was trying to pass a national health care plan. God forbid we have anything in this country that resembles socialism. Oh yeah, we discussed labels like that. Everything must have a label.....

Work still stinks, but I felt great after class. At least I can go to it with a calm head.


Gerah said…
Yoga does amazing things, for the body and the mind. I go to a fabulous class, and wouldn't give it up for the world.

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