Break for the Night

So I cleaned up the upstairs pretty much. Tonight I did the following:
  • Changed the sheets
  • Started laundry
  • Ran dishwasher
  • Washed pots
  • Cleaned master bathroom
  • Cleaned Phoebe's bathroom
  • Dusted upstairs
  • Vacuumed upstairs
I will finish tomorrow morning before taking Phoebe to her ice skating lesson. Tom called to say he's going to stay overnight at his parents. They spackled the walls tonight. Tomorrow they will paint. We're trying to decide if I should drive over tomorrow afternoon, or if he should come back and get me so we have only one car to bring back.
So for now I'm enjoying a well deserved break. I opened up a bottle of Cristallo red wine from Va La Vineyards, my favorite place in the whole wide world. Anthony is truly a genious when it comes to small batch wine making. The link to their website is provided as of tonite on my blog. If you ever happen to be in the PA area and are in the mood to taste some good wine, check them out. You can't buy their wine anywhere except at their shop. They also provide local artesan cheeses, mustards, marinated mushrooms, honey, chocolates, and preserves to taste with the wine and purchase. It's really great you can taste everything, buy the wine you like (all of them!), pick up some cheeses, etc., and continue the party at home. Also the people there are super friendly. Anthony is there all the time, his parents and his wife's parents help out. Their little girl is gorgeous and divine (to borrow from Tertia). Oh, and the piano player and his wife are some of our closest friends. I'll be adding his website soon.


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