The Good and the Bad

I'm feeling a little out of it right now. I think I'm in shock about this week. The highs are very high and the lows feel pretty low. I'm going to start with the happy stuff:
  • We got a lot of work done here at work. We've been almost able to meet some aggressive timelines we've been working toward.
  • I got asked to post for another job in Marketing by the hiring manager. I have interviews next week. The hiring manager already said he wants to hire me. This definately gave me much more confidence this week.
  • I just got a phone call from Juniper. The same people want to meet with me again. I'm going back next Wednesday.
  • Phoebe sang in the school concert yesterday. She did great!
  • The outside of the front door is finished being stained and the trim is all up around it!!! It looks terrific!
  • I took Phoebe to the new data center up the street from our house, as I had to drop off some addtional cards we bought for the servers there. I taught Phoebe you can't bring food into a data center as you don't want to get the computers all dirty. She recited this at dinner.
  • We got the bills done this week, and things are looking according to plan. We've really been trying to control our expenses this month.
  • I've lost three pounds so far this week.

The bad stuff:

  • My house is a mess.
  • We ate out last night because we're close to out of food, and I had no energy to cook.
  • Work is driving me crazy.
  • I sent my daily critical server status out last night after having a glass of wine. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad. Or should I put this in the good list?
  • We are running out of clothes and I better get some laundry done.
  • I want a fenced in back yard so I don't have to stay outside with the dog. The weather is so nice and the sun out so much later in the day, I feel she should get out more.

I'm going to go now, and pick up Phoebe, make dinner out of whatever we have left in the house to eat, and get my house cleaned up and go grocery shopping tomorrow night. Tonight I will try to clean my house, so that will help me feel better about the bad list, because the good list is pretty good.


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