Where to Live???

We're in a dilemma. We went to Landenburg, PA today, which is near our favorite Avondale, PA area, and found some really nice homes we'd like to move into. It's also in a great PA school district of Avon Grove. This throws a wrench into the move to NJ idea. It still would be really nice to move near Tom's family in NJ, but we really love PA. It would be a difference if I should continue to work in Wilmington at my current job, or maybe at Juniper. Or should I look for the Comcast job or another one in NJ. I think both of us are a little confused.

So now I'll sit back, enjoy my wine, and catch up on everyone's blog news. I'm sure everything will become crystal clear in the next few months.

BTW, does anyone get depressed on Sunday nights? I heard there is some kind of syndrome of depression the night before going back to work.


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