Round Two Plus More

Wow what a busy day! I woke up and got dressed, and started cleaning again. I did the following:
  • Vacuumed stairs
  • Cleaned powder room
  • Cleaned up around dog crate
  • Mopped kitchen floor
  • Dusted downstairs
  • Vacuumed downstairs
  • Sh-Mopped wood floors
  • Cleaned up the back yard dog piles
  • Dropped recycling off (we have voluntary recycling in DE)

In between I stopped to pick up my in-laws taxes (they use our accountant in DE) and took Phoebe to her ice-skating class. After I cleaned up the back yard, I took Phoebe for a spin around the block on her bicycle. She helped me with the recycling and putting it all in the right bins, and then we went to get Chinese take-out for dinner since Tom wasn't going to be home for dinner. I called over to his parents house and talked to him twice. I think he's getting frustrated that it's taking so long. The funny thing is he said that while his once niece and nephew are helping him, he prefers to have me help. The funny part is that whenever we're working on a project, he gets short with me and can be quite rude. I get quite mad at him about that sometimes. So I teased him and told him next time we work on something, he should be very kind to the help he likes.

The things Phoebe knows are funny. We walk into the Chinese food place and there are two statues of Buddha, a seated one and a fat jolly one. I asked her who was the statues of and she proudly said, "Buddha!" I found out a few months ago, she knew those kinds of statues were Buddha. So does she really need to do First Holy Communion in a few years? I guess we'll have to keep the grandparents from freaking out.


Kimber said…
You totally have waaaay more energy than moi! Whooo! Your house must look fab!

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