Another Gilmore Girls Moment

It's amazing how TV (even the cheesiest of shows) can make you think about your life. The premise of the season finale of Gilmore Girls is that the daughter (sorry I haven't memorized their names yet, even though I'm loving this show) wants to quit Yale as a prominent publisher who she interned with for two weeks tells her she'd make a great assistant for someone, but that she wouldn't make it as a journalist. He also told her that he's really good at sensing these things.

I also had a moment like this when I was in college, but it did the opposite. It was my Engineering Advisor. He was also the head of the Electrical Engineering Dept, which was my specific major. I had to tell him that I had to work around 30 hours a week in order to support myself financially. He told me to quit school, work full-time, and go to night school to finish my engineering degree, because there is no way I wouldn't flunk out if I had to work. I ignored everything he said, studied my a$$ off, didn't have much of a life, and graduated with a GPA over 3.0. I think I proved him wrong.


cat said…
You sure did! A teacher telling us we can’t do something is a great motivator.

Never tell a determined woman never. Girl Power! <-- did i just quote the spice girls? *gack*

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