Much Better

Lunch was very nice. Walked to the Riverfront Market here in Wilmington, DE with two friends from work. We don't get to do that very often. Had v.v. good Thai food from one of the stands. We decided we should do this every Wednesday to get us over the mid-week hump. We decided to call in in our calendars the "Cure for Burnout" meeting.

I realized I forgot to mention what my Mother's Day was like. It was v.v. nice. Phoebe stayed overnight at her Aunt's on Saturday. Tom took me out on a "date." On Sunday, we picked up Phoebe and I got (3) Mother's Day cards from her in total: one from nursery school, one Tom helped her pick out, and one when she went shopping with her Aunt and cousins. Tom gave me the new Gwen Stefani CD. She rocks! Phoebe and I proceeded to sing "Hollaback Girl" and "If I was a Rich Girl" to Tom over and over on the way home. Lots of fun. I'm such a cool Mom.... for now.


Fabgirl said…
Hey, I'm cool, too! I love Gwen's new CD. I'm so old school and retro, man!
Sounds like you had a lovely day!

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