Ready for the Weekend

I'm so ready for the weekend! It's Friday afternoon. I'm here at work. Lots of things are at a standstill. I started getting AF this morning. It's 3-4 days early. That means this was a 23 - 24 day cycle. Hopefully my herbs will start kicking in the next few months and straighten that out. I've been eating lots of healthy foods: oatmeal at breakfast (no sugar with raisins), lentil and rice soup for lunch, and trying to make nice dinners at night. Other than the ice cream I've been allowing myself at night for family dessert and the 1-2 cups of coffee a day I'm still needing. I've been OK. I need to cut those out though.

Tom will be in NYC overnight for work. They're doing some kind of power thing out there. So it's just Phoebe and I tonight. I've planned for us to go grocery shopping tonight and then get lots of cleaning and clean up some papers at home. Hopefully it will be a productive evening. We're picking up Tom at the train station tomorrow at 7 AM. That'll get us up and moving early.

We're also going up to the builders to start picking out our selections for tile, carpeting, cabinets, and the like. It's a two hour appointment. Hopefully the selection will be to our liking.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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