The Next Steps

Yesterday I called out sick and slept all day. I was so sick it didn't even affect my ability to sleep through the night. I went to bed around 10 PM. I woke up a few times, but was able to go right back to sleep. I still feel bad but I was good enough to go into work today.

Today I called about the house. We're still trying to find out if it is possible to put an inground pool in the way the land is situated. They still don't know. But then Tom and I called to extend our Home Equity Line of Credit and got some good news there. We're looking to do this for the down payment on building the new house, but if we're not sold on the idea of that one, we can pay off all our credit card bills and the car payments! That would free up a lot of our cash flow for other things we could do around the current house.

I also called Chrysalis Natural Medicine Clinic and made an appointment for 5/16/05. I've been reading The Infertility Cure and I'm really interested to see how I can improve my overall health as well as stop thinking of myself as infertile. This clinic is very close to my office. I've become very disenfranchised with the medical community. I'm not very crazy about specialists for everything and not looking at the whole person. Also how medical studies are never done for natural remedies as all medical studies are done by drug companies who cannot profit by something they can't patent. I've researched some natural remedies for my luteal phase defect and I've had good success with being a regular 28-day cycle with taking Chaste Berry Extract once a day and False Unicorn Root three times a day. If I just take the Chaste Berry, I go to around a 26-day cycle, but False Unicorn Root seems to help. I've also been taking oregano oil for sinus infections and bacterial vaginosis I've been having problems with. But somehow I feel I could be doing something more to improve my overall health. I'm willing to try other herbal remedies and acupuncture.


Sara said…
I have really been enjoying my acupuncture appointments thus far. I hope you find it as relaxing as I do. :-)

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