Do I Dare Hope?

My appointment with the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor went well yesterday. I now have lots of pills to take twice a day with my regular vitamins, and a powder to take three times a day. I'll go back in two weeks to see his wife who will adjust my herbs and do acupuncture. He indicated that his wife did work in an infertility clinic in China and that she has gotten many a woman pregnant here at their practice. So the question is ... do I dare hope? I think I should keep a positive attitude, it'll help the process.

We also talked about my other issues too, and he believes they are all related to the same underlying problems: low blood pressure, low blood sugar, bruising, fatigue, mild IBS, low sex drive. So the herbs I'm taking should be working on them all and not just my infertility. What a novel concept! Me as a whole person, and not just my parts.

I'll keep you all posted.


cat said…
Good luck with this. The one and only time I went to a chinese med specialist it totally worked for a cyst that wouldn't go away. In three months of treatment they got results no one could. I hope this experience brings you positive results.
Sara said…
Glad you are trying this! I have been going for a little less than a month now, so we'll see.

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