Pins and Needles

I went in for my first acupuncture session this morning. I really liked it. It was very relaxing, just as everyone says. Some of the needles being put in I noticed a twinge, others I never noticed they were being put in. The wierdest part was the one spot on my outer right calf seemed really sensitive. I noticed that needle being there even while I was lying back and relaxing. It wasn't painful. It was just a tingling sensation that it was there. Very strange. I'll have to see if that point is in The Infertility Cure and what it might mean. I'll be going back a week from today for follow up acupuncture.

I'm really glad I'm going this route. Yesterday, Tom and I were doing some gardening, and I noticed his allergies were really acting up. I didn't have a problem at all. It was really nice considering I'm usually the queen of seasonal allergies around here.

I'm going out to lunch tomorrow with Julie and Al from work. They are all moving to another facility this weekend, so this will probably be the last lunch we get to have together. Julie is also going back to her old company. Her last day is Wednesday of next week. So tomorrow we're going to a really nice Italian restaurant called Toscana. It's in the Trolley Square area of Wilmington, DE. I haven't been there in over a year, and I can't wait.


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