Pennsylvania Here We Come

We signed the papers to build the house in Landenburg, PA today. We went there yesterday, too to talk to the Mortgage guy a little more before we signed the papers today. After that the lady from the building company took us over to a little house party some of the neighbors were having. The neighbors that were throwing the party have a little girl one year older than Phoebe. They had a great time playing. The neighbors seemed really nice. A lot of either pregnant ladies or families with newborns. Maybe it'll rub off. After committing to spend that much on a house, it would be too funny if I got pregnant now.

I'm still working on negotiating the transition date for my new job. I sent an email Thursday night asking for a transition date of June 1 with providing consulting services to whoever I transition my work to for a month. Let's see what happens. I didn't get to find anything out on Friday as I was at a funeral for Tom's great-Aunt Elsie. She was 94. She was a very funny old lady. God-speed and Blessed Be, Aunt Elsie.


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