Been Busy

Lots been going on sorry, I haven't been updating. Tom and his brother started finishing the basement. Tom will need to work on it some more when he gets back from school. Tom started his ExMBA program this weekend and they go for a week coming back this Friday. I went to a welcome barbecue where you were allowed to invite a guest, being a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Someone who is involved in supporting your educational pursuits. Phoebe stayed at her aunt's that night and I picked her up on Sunday.

It was very interesting having Tom back at school. He's learning a lot about himself. It was very sexy (don't ask me why, it just was)! It was funny one of the realizations he had. He told me he noticed he has to watch how he says things because he "has a tendency to sound a little arrogant and snobbish." I laughed as I always knew this and told him "he's always been my modern-day Mr. Darcy." He's been very nervous about the workload, the classes, his fellow students, etc. Which is very normal. I can't wait to be able to have a better conversation with him when he gets back as his mobile doesn't get a great signal where their classes/hotel rooms are.

As I've said before, I'm not putting a lot of hopes on getting pregnant this month. I think I ovulated yesterday, and he's been away at school since Saturday morning. Although we did BD in his hotel room on Saturday night before I went home. So we'll see, but I'll just be happy to have a normal cycle again. After this week, he'll just be at school every other weekend, all day Friday and he'll be back on Saturday evening. So he'll be at my beck and call every other month after this.

We have a new delivery date for our house. It's 28 February 2006 now. I'm pleased with that. I'd rather push it to spring. I want to make sure we have any bonuses we may get from work as well as having our taxes done.

I was really sick yesterday. I slept all day. Didn't even take Phoebe to school. She sat next to me on either my bed (morning) or couch (afternoon) watching PBS and coloring. She had a little cough too, so I think she enjoyed the quiet time close to me. We went in late today as I wasn't sure if I was going to, but once I started moving I was feeling a little better.

That's pretty much all that's been going on around here. I've been enjoying reading some of the debates on birth plans on my favorite blogs. Funny thing is I understand going in either direction. I'll have to make it another post on my views of the debate. Anyone who cares to know what my conception/gestation/birth experience was with my DD who is now four can find it in some of my older posts. I posted it in a few parts back in May or June of this year to have it saved for posterity. There were some complications with her development, so it had to be done in the hospital, but I didn't have an epidural, had to have an IV, they did do an episiotomy at the last minute, but in all I felt it was very "natural" as natural as I was going to get and still have my own piece of mind. I think I more didn't want the epidural because of my control-freakness. I wanted to get up and go at will. In all, I think for all of us as informed consumers of the infertility/baby-making world any decisions we make are fine, as long as the decisions are made by us and we don't feel like anyone is forcing us to do one thing or another. We all should be as in control of our own destinies as we can. Gee, maybe I don't need another post on that topic.


Was wondering where you were. Glad your back and feeling better!!!

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