No More Wine, Tom. I'll Just Have Some Water Now.

Which was the statement my Nan made to my uncle, using my husband's name, when she was coming out of the anestesia yesterday evening.

She was very nervous the night before and the morning of the surgery. I'm sure she was nervous the whole week. Apparently, she'd never been put under anestesia before, and she's 74 years old! She had some wine the night before at our house. My DH gave her her favorite VaLa Barbera red wine.

Nan did great through the surgery. The doctors said everything looked very clean on her lung. They removed the offending mass and some lymph nodes. She had a horrible time coming out of the anestesia. She was quite drugged up. It was like she was drunk. Slurring her words, smiling, saying she was happy it was over, and she was really, really tired. Her surgery started at 10:10 AM, she was in Recovery by 12:30 PM, but she didn't go to her room in the surgical unit until after 6:30 PM, as she was too out of it.

Today wasn't that great. She apparently was delusional in the middle of the night and pulled her IV out and stuff. They drugged her up more so that she would stay in her bed until she heals a little more. My uncle staying with her tonight to help.

I know she's really fine. We're just all a fiesty bunch. She didn't want to be there in the first place. As soon as she's feeling a little bit better, she'll be OK. Her color looks fine, and she's in no pain, except for her hiatal (sp?) hernia acting up as she hasn't eaten anything but ice chips. I think they were going to try to get some jello and ginger ale into her in between her sleeping, which is most of the time. She did eat some ice chips and then let up a few burps. I'm sure that made her feel a little better. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

On the other front. I think I'm getting my period. Saw some spotting.


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