Too Much to Do

So my DH called me today that he's about to have an anxiety attack. I'm not sure why. We're just going through the following:

  • Getting our house ready to put on the market in September
  • Tom starting his Executive MBA at Villanova on August 13th
  • Breaking ground for the new house

I know it's only three things, but each one has a laundry list of tasks we need to complete. And I almost forgot. Tom will be turning 35 on August 22nd. I should tell him to expect a tumultuous year. I did tell him to relax that we were working on everything and gee isn't it nice things feel like they are moving forward.

I don't think this month will be our month, as Tom will be away at school when I'm ovulating. I don't think I really care. I'm just happy to begin having normal cycles. Is this where I can joke and act like I'm "planning" to get pregnant the following month like all those normal people out there? It would be pretty convenient, as the baby would then be due in June and Phoebe could take the summer off before she goes to Kindergarten, as I'll take the full 12 weeks off under FMLA. Ooohhh, do I think I can "plan" a summer off? How about a fervent plea to God. "Hey, God. Be nice to me after all this. I think I'll need a break for the summer." Oh wait, is being on maternity leave a "break?" I guess not.


S said…
Oh, yeah, I remember trying to do that (back when I thought that I was still "normal". We started trying in June so that I would be able to have a baby in April/May, so I could take the rest of the year off from teaching! It's over three years later, and, well, it ain't happened yet....

Anyways, I'm glad that your cycle seems to be getting normal. Joke (and plan) away! I'll send good summer vibes your way.....
Anonymous said…
Hoping it will be the month and you catch a break!
Emily aka madmommy

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