We fought with crown moulding all day Sunday, and we won! The house is coming together for putting it on the market, although there is still a lot to do. I'll be doing touch up painting trim in the family room, foyer, and steps to the basement. After that dries, we get to put curtains back up again in the family room and then we'll move the kitchen table out of the kitchen and start painting in there.

Tom starts school this Saturday, and he'll be gone all weekend and until the end of next week. This Thursday, my Nan, mom, and possibly Aunt will be coming to Philly to meet with the doctors that will do Nan's surgery to remove the cancer from her lung. Phoebe and I will probably leave work/school early to go meet them for dinner. Good news: all the other tests came back negative, so it doesn't look like the cancer has spread from her lung. She'll have surgery in about three weeks. After that, I believe they will still be doing chemo and she'll be in Philly for that as well.

I'm also proud of myself that yesterday I followed up on making sure we all had doctor appts made for the rest of the year: Phoebe's 5-year check, my annual GYN, and eye doctor. Phoebe will come to the eye doctor with us for the first time. Considering they have no idea when my eyes went bad, and I needed glasses desparately in 4th grade, I figured she should just go every year to make sure.


Anonymous said…
Good luck with the painting.I feel for you!
Emily aka madmommy
I need to do the whole MD thing for us too, just have to get off my butt. Way to go.

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