He Used to Be a Filmmaker.

I saw this on PBS tonight. It was really cute. Very nice to see how a father relates to his baby daughter from babyhood to toddlerhood. His daughter is very photogenic too!

Update on Nan... We got to take her, my mom, and my aunt to my favorite place in Chinatown. I called my mom last night and she said it was the best Chinese food they ever had. Her surgery is scheduled for 26 August and she should be out of the hospital within a week. After that she'll be at a rehabilitation hospital for a bit and then she'll be having chemo, we're not sure exactly when. They are giving her a very good prognosis for a full recovery from the cancer, 75% with surgery alone, and 95% with chemo. We're all very happy.


S said…
Oh Heather, that's good news about your Nan! I'll say a prayer for her on the 26th to get through the surgery with flying colors.
Anonymous said…
Glad you recieved good news.
Emily aka madmommy
cat said…
That is wonderful news about Nan. Hoping that she comes through it all and is fine.
Awesome news!!!!!! So glad to hear it.

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