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Sarcasm in Training

Jo had her baby! Go over there now and congratulate her if you haven’t. I’ll wait here….

OK, so another cute moment in the development of my daughter's sense of humor. We’re driving to her first eye doctor appointment yesterday and she sees a sign for a palm reader. It’s a sign of a big red hand.

“Mommy, what’s that big red hand for?”

“It’s a sign for a palm reader.”

“What’s a palm reader?”

“A person who looks at your hand and can tell you what’s going to happen in your future.”

“What’s going to happen to me in the future?”

“I don’t really know, dear.”

Pause in the backseat.

“I guess I’d have to ask her wouldn’t I, Momma?”

I have to admit I almost said that myself, but figured it would be rude to say to my daughter, so I bit my tongue. Glad one of us said it.

On another note, Nan, my mom, and aunt are coming tonight and we’re all going to the hospital together in the morning. I’m sure everything will be fine, but I’ll worry until it’s over.


Anonymous said…
Its so funny when they learn how to use
Emily aka madmommy

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