Still Wanting

So why did I like that PBS special in my last post. Oh, I don't know. Maybe the fact that I STILL WANT MORE BABIES!!! It was so cute to watch this baby in the video and the faces she made, and how cute she was. Of course while I'm watching it I'm remembering what Phoebe was like as a baby. She was also so cute, big eyes and smile. Remembering the firsts that probably only I would remember... the first smile because she knew it was Mommy that showed up in front of her (she had lots of smiles before that for other reasons), the first recognition of something I said (I told her something was behind her and she turned around and got it. Huge deal as she didn't even talk at the time. I didn't know she really understood things yet.), her first word "Doggy" (and there was one across the street), and the last I'll ennumerate asking to have her ears pierced before she was even two years old (she kept asking for a whole month before we did it).

I don't know if it's going to happen this month. It's not like Tom was around a lot when I ovulated, but I've heard of people getting knocked up when they only did it once that month, so stranger things have happened. I'm in the two week wait. Looks like I'm at 4 dpo right now, so 10 more to go before I even think about testing. I won't be crazy and test early this month like I did last month. I know I'll be kept busy anyway with my Nan's surgery next Friday and they just broke ground on our house two days ago (Yeah!!!). We'll probably be doing more painting and planning around our current house. Tom going to school this past week kind of put the kabosh on any progress on that front. I at least cleaned a lot last night and I've been keeping up with the bills and stuff.

The other thing that was nice last night is that I had started downloading some music onto the expansion card for my Treo. I got to reap the benefits last night when cleaning. It was like those iPod commercials, but me dancing around my house with a Windex bottle in one hand and a rag in the other....


Anonymous said…
Maybe this month will be never know!Well,not yet
Emily aka madmommy

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