Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Happy Birthday to my dear, dear, DH. His birthday was really yesterday, but I was so busy with Phoebe making sure everything was nice for his birthday dinner at home I couldn't write. On the way home from work, we picked up a carrot cake (his favorite) from a local bakery he loves. Then we went to the mall to pick up cards, and last to the grocery store, for some salad greens and candles for the cake.

We had a fantastic dinner. Phoebe pretended (but we're not just pretending, Mom!) to be at a restaurant and she was the hostess/waitress. She made out menus for all three of us and made Tom wait in the foyer when he was ready for dinner so she could show him to the table. She served all the plates for dinner, poured drinks, etc. It was too cute. Obviously she was not pretending to be a bus person, because she wasn't interested in helping clear the table of the dishes when we were done!

Dinner was great. I impressed myself. It was my first time making homemade pizza that turned out good (even the pizza dough was homemade!). So here was our menu:

  • Home-made sausage pizza (whole wheat pizza dough from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone - my favorite cookbook).
  • Cesear Salad
  • Vala Zeffarano white wine (I only had 1/2 glass - I'm in my two-week wait)
  • Carrot cake
We'll be having pizza again tonight. I'm going to go with a vegarian pizza this time. I think I'll saute up some mushrooms and zucchini to put on top. I did think it was ironic that I made the dough for a sausage pizza from a vegetarian cookbook. I went to her book because most of her flour recipes include whole wheat flour which I prefer to add too. Tom thought it was the best crust ever! I was v. v. proud of myself.
So not to make this all about me and Phoebe, but I have to admit Tom is the best husband ever. We've been married for over 10 years and it keeps getting better. We're going to have a very stressful year ahead of us, but I know we'll be so happy when we're settled in our new house and Tom starts reaping the rewards of his educational pursuits. I'd have to say we're even happy now with everything up in the air and getting lots of stuff moving in a forward direction. It's our time to shake things up a bit!


Sounds like you are very busy and having so much fun!!!
Anonymous said…
I have been wanting to try my hand at making my own pizza dough.I made pizzas last week,but bought the dough,still my family liked it better than delivery.
Emily aka madmommy

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