The Plan

So here's my plan to go forward. I'm not going to be testing until Friday or Saturday again. Maybe this baby is holding out for her father to come home from his business trip. Maybe I'm not really pregnant. Maybe I am pregnant, but this one's not going to work out. I'm OK with all possibilities. I'm amazed that TCM has gotten me this far. Granted I sort of believed it might, as my infertility (other than having endo in the past) is unexplained. But I always had short luteal phases. Even for my first round of OI/IUI trying to have Phoebe, they didn't put me on progesterone suppositories. They thought I wouldn't need it as I almost hyperstimulated. Ha, I got AF on day 21, baby! I didn't even get a pregnancy test that cycle. After that I was always on progesterone.

There's a part of me that wonders if I should call the doctor tomorrow and take a blood test, but then that would get me on the cycle of early ultrasounds and worrying. I'm really trying to be practical with this cycle. It's either going to happen or not. I would really like to try to be one of those women that it just happens for naturally, and their doctor doesn't see them until the 13th week. I debate with if I am pregnant if I should go back to my usual doctor, or if I should try The Birth Center here in Wilmington. The Christiana Hospital is so nice though, and they really did accomidate my wish for a natural delivery. We only did what was medically necessary. If I'm pregnant though, I want to enjoy this one. Plus, God (or Goddess) needs to be nice to me this time. I don't have time to trek all over with getting fetal MRIs and weekly Level 2 ultrasounds. I have a pre-schooler and a DH who's starting grad school this month to take care of.


Anonymous said…
I hope this is the month for you guys!
Emily aka madmommy
Mandy said…
still hoping.

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