Verdict Is In

Not this month. Temp dipped this morning and AF is here.

This is OK. Obviously the course of action I am following is regulating me with a normal cycle. I haven't had one on my own since my early twenties. Now if we could just do something about the backache I get as PMS. It's brutal.

I also had the nicest treat this morning. Phoebe crawled into my bed in the middle of the night and asked if we could cuddle. It was nice to fall back asleep with my arms around my little girl. She's such a sweetie.


Anonymous said…
I'm sorry it wasn't this month.
Emily aka madmommy
Sorry about that, I was gunning for you!!! Glad you get to enjoy your DD, I know I sure enjoy mine.
Tony Grant said…
Hey it's good to cuddle with the little ones!! I have to cuddle with my wife precious times you know. Hey check out my site let me know what you think
Anonymous said…
good post... thanks.

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Mandy said…
I am so sorry.

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