Feeling Overwhelmed

Having a definate Monday here! Work is stressing me out, which is not good because my lower back is killing me! There's just so much to get done and I feel like I'm never going to get at the bottom of it. I'm trying to remind myself to keep plugging away and it'll get done.

Last night I finally was able to juice up the flat of wheatgrass I ordered from Harvest Market. I did make sure I had a shot this morning and I've been freezing it into one ounce ice cube to thaw every morning. Now if I could just eat a healthier breakfast in the morning!!!

On the other hand, I made a good purchase yesterday. It's a cellulite cream from Clarins. On top of the exercising, I'd really like to not notice the cellulite on my butt when we go to Florida in February.

Oh I didn't mention that yet? We're going to Disney for the week of February 11th! DH won an award at work and they are paying for him and I to go to a Disney resort, so our plane tickets and three days of the hotel are paid for! We're taking Phoebe out of school for the week so she can go to Disney for the first time. We're paying for her plane ticket and three nights at the hotel before his awards convention. I will need to use hotel babysitting services for three of the nights when I have to go to these dinners with DH. Has anyone ever used Disney resort hotel babysitting services? I would have to think they should be great. I'm going to call the hotel in the next day or two to talk to them about it.

And to answer Trace's question, it took three IUIs to get pregnant with Phoebe, but remember I was on Follistim injections to have lots and lots of eggs. The first month I overstimulated and was a mess, the second we got pregnant but it was a blighted ovum (aka the baby part never developed) and the third time was the charm.


Debbie said…
Hey Girl!

I'm glad to hear you are doing well, a bit overwhelmed but well. Congrats to hubby on winning the trip, that's fantastic!
Debbie said…
BTW we LOVE the Harvest Market. We get sandwiches from there everytime we go on a picnic at the beach or watch the sunset. They have great wine too.
Lynda said…
Disney sounds like loads of fun!I have been there myself - back in '89 on my first ever overseas trip at the age of 21. It was on a stopover on the way to the UK. How fun to go with Phoebe - a great age to take her as in she'll remember it & gets lots out of it.

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