Phoebe Was in the Hospital

Phoebe was admitted to the hospital on Saturday night with an infection on a cut on her had that had gotten into her blood. She was put on IV antibiotics and was released to come home yesterday afternoon. It turns out from the test results that finally came in on Monday afternoon that the infection was from the strain of Strep that causes Strep throat. So basically, she probably put her fingers in her mouth when she had this cut and it got infected. This is my cautionary tale - make sure your kids wash their hands often (I know she doesn't) and try to remind them to keep their hands away from their mouth as they get older. Phoebe has a habit of putting her hands up to her mouth when she is acting shy or nervous.

She's doing great now and did go to school today. Saturday she was lethargic and had developed a fever in the afternoon (104!) along with the swelling in her finger and the red streaks that went up her arm to her elbow. I wasn't that nervous on Saturday as I knew she just needed IV antibiotics and she would be OK. Sunday I got nervous because her hand looked worse and the red streaks were still there. The doctors were even talking about maybe changing her antibiotics depending on how the test results came out on Monday. Monday was the turnaround day. She was doing well, no fever, the swelling came down and the test results showed that she was on the right antibiotic. Yesterday she was back in full active mode, her hand wasn't swollen at all and she was discharged in the afternoon.

On the IF front, we did go see the RE on Monday morning, as his office is right next door to the hospital. Next month will be a diagnostic month, doing a sono-HSG and endometrial biopsy. DH will have an SA done anytime within the next month. After that, I'll be scheduled for a laporoscopy (probably in March) and then we'll follow with ovulation induction and insemination (OI/IUI).

For those that have asked, this is how we got all three pregnancies - one resulted in Phoebe and I've had two miscarriages (one was a blighted ovum and one we lost the heartbeat at 10 weeks). I've never gotten pregnant without the doctor's help but there is no real reason other than endometriosis and possibly low progesterone at the end of my cycle.

I might not have been as good taking care of myself while Phoebe was in the hospital, but I wasn't too bad. The mung beans and rice that I mentioned I had made is also known as kitchari. There are some good recipes for it on the Yoga Journal website. Mung beans and rice are supposed to be a good cleansing food to have as it is very gentle on the digestive tract and is packed with vitamins and protein. I've learned to love the smell of the spices I put in my kitchari. It's very comforting.

Oh also, my mom went to her favorite fortune teller and she said that I would have a boy that would be very scientific and he would either be conceived in March or born next March. She also said that the girl I have already is very artistic (duh!). I don't know if I believe in her per se, but it was neat to hear.


neko said…
I'm so sorry to hear Phoebe was in the hospital but really glad she's ok. Our kiddo sucks his thumb and I'm always worried about the implications of that.
Trace said…
Ooooh, poor Phoebe.

You know we have now had 3 correctly timed IUIs (1 incorrectly timed). How many IUIs did it take for you get your first postive?
Loren said…
:( I'm so sorry Phoebe was sick. Glad to hear she's better. *hugs*
Beth said…
Oh no, poor Phoebe!!! Glad to hear she is better!!!
Well-heeled mom said…
That is so scary! The Boy is famous for having his hands in his mouth, and always has kitty scratches on them! Yikes!

Good luck with the IUI!
Lauren said…
I am glad Phoebe is doing better. Belle is always putting her fingers in her mouth or sadly her nose. I am constantly telling her not to. I hate being that nag but this is just another good reminder that there is good reason to keep things out our our mouths that don't belong there.

Good luck with the doctor and tests.
Lynda said…
Well you never know re: the psychics comment. My dad, who claims he has some kind of psychic ability (!) phoned me last year to say he dreamt I had a baby boy! Not sure how much credibility I hold to this but like you say; it is nice to hear.

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