It's Getting Better All the Time

Bracelet firmly affixed to my right wrist, I've had some ups and some downs over the last 24 hours. I try to remind myself that every moment may have it's challenges and that any little setbacks can be moments of opportunity to release the guilt, as overall things are getting better all the time. Here's the rundown:

- Updside - Made a great dinner last night - stir-fry chicken and vegetables with brown rice
- Downside - Left work late, so DH was cranky about my wanting to make dinner my way because he was hungry. I made dinner in less than 1/2 hour, so I'm not that sympathetic with his complaining
- Upside - Had kitchen cleaned, laundry started, kid bathed and in bed at a decent time last night.
- Upside - Took my vitamins and exercised on the elliptical machine last night
- Downside - Fell asleep on the couch in my upstairs sitting room. Need to do better on getting to bed at a decent time at night.
- Upside - Packed a healthy lunch and snack last night and put it in the fridge
- Downside - Forgot to take the lunch as I was rushing out the door, but I still made a healthy choices for lunch from the cafeteria (soup and salad) and will get a yogurt from the first floor cafe on the way to the Girl Scout meeting this afternoon.
- Small downside - I did allow myself one cup of coffee this morning from the cafe at work. Tomorrow if I need it, I'll order it 1/2 decaf.

BTW, the upside/downside stuff is all not just infertility related. In the next few days I'll have a very Bridget Jones like post of all the things I'm resolving in the new year to be better on top of.


Trace said…
You go girl!! I've cut down to 1 cup of coffee, one cup of decaf, a lot of herbal tea, and water. Love the Sleepy Time tea...helps w/anxiety...not that I'm anxious.

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