That B)tch Hope

As I get closer and closer to AF being due for her visit, I must admit that Hope lurks around every corner even though there should be no hope this month. Phoebe was in the hospital when I was ovulating this month, and we no where came close to doing the deed until several days after we were all home. Of course, the brain has to think "Wouldn't it be so nice to accidentally get pregnant now that we had our consult with the doctor to begin our third try?" "Wouldn't it be so nice to cancel the running of all those annoying tests and laproscopic surgery I'm going to need before we start Follistim injections again????" I'm due at least by next Wednesday and it usually shows up a few days early, so I'll know soon.


Mands said…
That would be really nice, and then no lap surgery... we all know how much fun those are! Hoping for you!
Crystal said…
Thinking of you all the time girl. :)

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