Tubes Clear

Just got back from the doctor where I had the sono-HSG test done. Thankfully, I took an Alieve with my vitamins this morning, so it was not painful. Everything looked good. My tubes are clear, so that is definately not a factor into why I haven't gotten pregnant.

I talked to the doctor about that I won't be able to have the endometrial biopsy this month, as we'll be in Disney on vacation. He said we can still do the laproscopy at the beginning of next month and then do the endometrial biopsy at the end of next month. So basically, if I don't get pregnant this month or next, I'll probably be on injectibles and officially starting this process mid-March.


Kirsten said…
Clear tubes is a very good thing and March will be here before you know it...but maybe that won't matter :)
In the meantime, enjoy the magic of Disney!!!
Bronwyn said…
Glad to hear the tubes are clear. That means you're one step closer to figuring out what's going on. Hopefully, you'll get your very own fairytale happy ending after your vacation at Disney!
SaraS-P said…
Hooray for clear tubes!

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