Random Thought

So I get this gossip magazine, I think it's called OK. I never asked for it or paid for it, but it's been coming for well over a year now. I have to admit I love reading it when I'm on the elliptical machine at home. There's this picture and poll question that I had to laugh at. The poll question was "Which Friend has the Better Butt?" and proceeds to have a picture of both Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox from the backside when they are in bikinis. I don't even remember what the poll % we're for both, because I laughed as both of them have better butts than I'll ever have!!!

Just waiting these days for AF to show up so I can schedule tests with the RE.


Loren said…
thanks for the kind words on my blog. :) And trash magazines are pretty much everyone's vice, I think. ;P
SaraS-P said…
Courtney and Jennifer actually have butts? I didn't think they were allowed any squishy parts.

I got Entertainment Weekly free for a year once. I would never pay for it, but I sure enjoyed reading it for free!
Monica said…
OMG!I thought the same thing. I've never had an ass like that -- not even as a teenager.

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