Infertility Thread

I got my bracelet quite sometime ago, but I haven't had the guts to put it on. More because I knew when I put it on would be when I would be committing once again to having another child. When I say committing I mean getting rid of the junk food, eating healthy, exercising, taking my vitamins and supplements regularly and kicking the coffee habit and curbing my love of a good chocolate martini.

Well, I'm doing it. If I'm going back to the RE next Monday, I need to clean up my act once again. I'm not going to do this halfheartedly, but throw my full self into this compelling need I have to have a baby. I get lots of motivation by reading infertility blogs, so I'll be back reading and commenting with a passion. I've also had my last cup of joe this morning and will go back to my one cup of green tea in the AM and herbal teas during the day. It's a struggle with the lovely coffee shop downstairs, but I want to know the joys of having more little feet to pitter patter around the house.

Thank you so much fellow IF bloggers out there for being my inspiration. I'll be keeping you all updated.


Trace said…
Since you have pursued this before I assume you have an idea of what type of treatment you'll be doing? Did you guys do inseminations or IVF to have that beautiful daughter?
Loren said…
UUGHHHHHH, the old coffee give up. Don't you hate that in the midst of TTC hell you can't even enjoy a nice latte without a side of guilt?
:( I know we are supposedly allowed one cup a day, but I can't help but think I'm lowering my chances of conception and it takes the fun right out of it.
I feel you sister. And cheers again to seeing your RE!!! I hope s/he helps lead you to the pitterpatter.

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