Happy New Year

I'm back at work from vacation and this year will be very interesting. Starting today, I will have two people reporting to me, so I'm a boss now! I'll never forget Phoebe's words when she found out DH was a boss, "Daddy has and boss and he is a boss?" Yes, sweetheart, welcome to middle management.

Also we'll be going back to the doctor's and I'm excited to get started on working to have a baby this year. Phoebe was playing with our friend's 15 month old daughter on New Year's Eve and it was so cute!!! She was very loving and age appropriate it brought tears to my eyes. We also woke up on New Years Day to our daughter and friends two kids waking us up. DH starting acting goofy with them as soon as they woke him up. He told me later how great it was waking up like that and that it reminded him of the things that him and his brothers and sisters used to do to wake up their parents on holiday time. Did I ever mention that my DH was one of eight kids in his family? It was nice to have this conversation and realize that DH really does want more kids, but hates putting the pressure on me because he loves me so much and hates to see me hurting. We both agreed that we would be over the moon if we could have boy-girl twins to have one of each quickly. We'll see what happens. A healthy baby is what we look forward to most though.


Trace said…
Here here! Happy healthy baby making!!

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