IF Testing Update

AF showed up on Monday, but I was so busy on Tuesday I didn't get to call the RE's office until Wednesday. My sono-HSG is scheduled for next Tuesday. I hope I remember to take some pain killers ahead of time. I always forget for those kinds of tests and then it's awfully painful.

Unfortunately, we won't be doing the endometrial biopsy until next month, as I'll be on vacation at Disney for the entire week when we would need to schedule it. I guess it'll just have to wait.

I am curious though if the RE sees anything on the sono-HSG that seems to warrant scheduling the laporoscopy right away if he will schedule that for the following month or not. At the same time, I'd rather us do the laporoscopy right before we start injectibles to make sure everything is nice and clear.

Last night when I was driving Phoebe to her ice skating class she started talking about adoption and how she wants a sister. I asked her "Wouldn't it be nice though if Mommy could have a baby and not have to adopt?" Her exact words I kid you not, "I don't think that's going to happen, Mom." Boy now I know how my dad felt when I was a kid and he was talking about my blonde streak in my hair and how he had that. He wondered out loud if he still had that blonde streak in his brown hair. I said back to him, "Dad, you lost those hairs long ago." Wow! Paybacks are a b(tch.


SaraS-P said…
A big fat "Ouch!" on Phoebe's comment!
Heather said…
I cringed reading that because I always think of assvice people tell me as payback for something moronic I'm sure I said to someone in my past...
Loren said…
Wow, that is a painfully honest kid you got there! :)
Thanks for all your support, on my blog and your's- it means so much to me.I promise to stop reading statistics.
I can't wait to hear what your RE says! Lets get this show on the road.
Kate said…
Hi Heather,

Thanks for the advice on my blog. Lily gets really cranky right about the time DH gets home from work too. I'll have him try the reverse cradle hold tonight and see if it works. I sure hope so!

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