Intelligent Kid Questions

I love it when my daughter asks such intelligent, thoughtful questions. This morning she asked one when the news was on while we were getting ready (I've banished morning cartoons - she can watch the news while getting dressed). The Today show was talking about the Iowa primaries and somehow the cost of campaigning came up. Phoebe asked me if you have to pay to vote. What an interesting question to come up! I explained that we don't have to pay to vote that it's free for all citizens, but how if you want to run for political office that you need to money to campaign for that office for advertising on TV, newspapers, and for the cost of your travel and to pay the staff that works for you campaigning and such. She seemed to get it, so at the age of seven she understands more about the political process than I did. Love it!

We've also talked lately about how women didn't always have the right to vote and how that only changed a little over 80 years ago. She was shocked that women couldn't always vote. It was so cute. We're reading "Little Women" right now and night and it's a great opportunity to talk about how things were different for women back in the Civil War times.

Things are going well on my resolutions. I worked out last night, made a pot of mung beans and rice and only had one cup of coffee this morning (and it was the smallest size from the coffee shop, not one huge cup of coffee). I also got some updates to our home calendar and was able to fix my Treo calendar syncing with the one at work. We have a bunch of things I want to get done this weekend. Unfortunately one of them is getting a new battery for DH's car tonight. Last night when he was going to an alumni board meeting, he had to wait for me to get home so he could take my car. His wouldn't start and it seems to be the battery, which would make sense as it hasn't been replaced in years and we are in the middle of a cold snap here on the East coast that would cause it to act up.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Trace said…
Look at you and your frequent posting. Great job on the coffee!! What are mung beans? And are they particularly tasty? Hopefully you'll get everything accomplished!!
Beth said…
Best of luck on your new PLAN!! Coffee was the HARDEST thing for me to give up!!

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