IVF CD10 and Friday Recital Update

Sorry I didn't get to post over the weekend. We've been really busy. Things are going well with the follicles. I have about five on each side, for a total of 10 that are looking good. They upped my Bravelle over the weekend to four vials of Bravelle and one of Menopur for both Saturday and Sunday nights. Not sure yet when we are going to egg retrieval. The IVF coordinator made a funny face when I said that we'd like to avoid Thursday. I'm trying to stay calm about all this. There's not much I can do. I need to pay attention to when they update my mailbox today, so I may be calling several times today to see if they leave me any messages. I need to know if I need to order any more Bravelle, as I only have 9 vials left. It's covered under insurance, but I need to get it shipped to me. The IVF coordinator said she'd let me know after they look at my bloodwork and measurements.

I know I'm pumped full of hormones, as I can cry at anything these days. I'm very very hormonal. I'm hoping this works. I've been doing Julia Indichova's imagery twice a day to keep the good thoughts going. I've been doing the "Garden of Possibilities" one that's in her second book, The Fertile Female.

I'll post the pics of Phoebe's show tonight. She did so good!!!! She knew all her lines and sang her portion of the song beautifully! I can't wait to see this weeks show on Friday. They have a recital every Friday during this six week program. She's doing so well that the man that leads the group in music instruction praised Phoebe in front of the entire company for how much she's grown during the past year. That she was a model for them all in how during recital she knew her mark, her lines and put away her costume without being told after the show. Of course, when he told me all this it took all my willpower not to cry from all the hormones. I'm so proud of her!!!


Martha said…
It sucks when things are so outside of our control. I am sending you some calming vibes, I think they come in blue.
Phoebe's show sounds wonderful and can't wait to see the pix and just reading about her performance makes me smile and I bet she is proud of herself, along w/you two. Sorry about the hormones, here's a (HUG).
Loren said…
GOod luck with this cycle! I have a good feeling this time for you.
I would cry if I were Phoebe's mom at all that praise- hormones or not! Congratulations on having/raising such an awesome little girl. :)
Miss Mac said…
Good luck & keep up the "power of positive thinking":] Cute pics!
sara said…
Keep growing follicles, grow! I loved seeing the update with pictures - it looked like a really good day, so I say the heck with the hormones and cry if you want to, especially when they're tears of happiness or for being proud! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that your cycle runs smoothly. You sound like you have a great mindset and that is so important (and so gosh darn hard to do!) That's cool what you meantioned about the thumbs up in the ultrasound pictures also - it brought a smile to my face :-)
Lynda said…
Good luck! The affirmations sound great. Nothing like a proud-Mummy moment to get those tears rolling either! Love the pics.

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