Doing Well

The D&E on Tuesday went fine. No issues. Although I started crying while they were strapping me into the table and putting in my IV. I think it's that moment that it hits you that it will soon be over. I haven't been bleeding too much (just spotting) and I wonder how long it's going to last. I'm so not a big fan of the monthly curse. Although when the next one comes, I can start taking BCPs and after two weeks of that, we'll begin injectables again for IVF.

This is our week off and we've been quite busy. This past weekend, Leo did the ceramic tile floor in his parents' kitchen. Monday we took Phoebe and our nephew deep sea fishing. Because one should always go deep sea fishing the day before a D&E... I caught a lot of the fish we brought home, woo hoo! Tuesday afternoon, I was feeling fine and cooked the fish and the quinoa salad I've posted about before. We had our friends and their almost two-year-old little girl over for dinner. Wednesday we went to Philly and saw the historical sights: Independence Hall, the movie in the Visitor's Center, Betsy Ross's house, Ben Franklin's grave and the Philadelphia Mint. We used to live in Philly and we take these places for granted. I haven't been to these places since middle school. I think Phoebe had a great time. She loved taking lots of pictures at Independence Hall. Then we went to Cuba Libre for dinner. It's one of our favorite restaurants.

Today we did school shopping. New sneakers, three pairs of jeans, bunch of cool shirts, new socks, new backpack and a folder and notebooks. Before school shopping we babysat our friends' daughter - the almost two-year-old and went to meet Phoebe's second grade school teacher. She seems really nice and Phoebe picked her seat, got a pencil box and found her cubby. She also visited the library and found out they just got a bunch of picture books for The Spiderwick Chronicles. She didn't want to stop reading them, so the librarian promised she'd hold them on reserve for Phoebe when she comes for library day next week. Wasn't that so nice of her? She said she was surprised Phoebe was so shy when we were around. When we're not there, she said Phoebe is one of her most confident students. That's so nice to know.


Just Me. said…
My heart just bleeds for you, especially, the part of you crying on the table.

Again, Heather, I am so sorry and wish there's something that I can do to take away the pain. But I'm here listening and you take the time to grieve and come back to fight the fight again.

Loren said…
Wow, you've been so busy! I'm so proud of you...but please make sure you take time for yourself.
Not to encourage you to fall into a funk or anything...I think you're doing great and maybe keeping so busy is whats helping you. :)
Lots of love. I'm still thinking of you.
Martha said…
I've been thinking about you and hope you are okay. ((Hugs))
We love Philly and the boys love all the great history. Best Wishes to Phoebe in second grade, sounds like she is a wonderful student. Fishing sounds like fun, you are my hero! I get seasick watching The Love Boat reruns on TV.
Beth said…
I have been thinking about you all week and have shed many tears for you! Sounds like you are doing good! hnage in there and I can't wait to hear all about the next cycle!!
Thinking of you, sweetie. ((HUGS))
Mands said…
so sorry Heather... You are handling all of this so well.
Thinking of you.
Lynda said…
I'm so sorry you had to go through the D&C - glad it's all over.
Crystal said…
Lot of hugs, prayers and thoughts for you. I was lying in bed last night and thinking about how I've neglected my blog as of late and you popped into my mind and my heart and I knew something was going on...It is as if God was speaking to me to get my butt on here and give support and love.

Thinking of you.
docgrumbles said…
I am so late getting the news. I am so sorry. I did not like the finality of the IV insertion, either.

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