Boys - Six Month Check

The boys had their six month check appointment with the pediatrician today and they did great. Here they are at the doctor's office. Wondering what fun they were going to have. Liam's on the left, Tommy on the right.

The end wasn't fun. Liam had 3 shots and Tommy had four. Tommy had four because his weight was high enough to make his Synagis (RSV) shot 2 shots instead of just 1. Poor boys. I gave them some Motrin for the pain in the afternoon. They were just so miserable. I worked from home this afternoon to keep an eye on the boys. I was able to get some good pics of the boys today. Here are my favorites - Liam is on the left in the pics and Tommy on the right. BTW, we do that on purpose to make Liam look to the left at his brother more. He has a tight muscle in his neck (torticolis) that make him want to keep his head to the right, so we try to give him reasons to look to his left.

Here's Liam with his beautiful eyes. He was really tired, though.

Here's Tommy on tummy time with his gorgeous peepers. His eyes are shaped just like his daddy's but they are blue instead of brown.

But of course you all want to know their stats at the doctor's office. Basically in the last two months, they have gained 2 pounds and 2 inches. So an inch and a pound a month. Here they are:

weight - 17 lbs. 5 oz. (7.85 kg)
length - 27 1/4 inches (69.2 cm)

weight - 14 lbs. 10 oz. (6.62 kg)
length - 26 1/2 inches (67.3 cm)

Hope everyone had a great day!


ModernMom said…
They look fabulous and what a great idea to take pictures like that to mark this 6 month milestone:) Happy Half birthday!
sky girl said…
What beautiful (and big!) baby boys.
Martha said…
They are gorgeous, Heather, just beautiful and little Leos in their own individual way with your features too.
Leigh said…
heather, they're such handsome little men. And I love you for putting the kg weights :) - saves me going to google to do the conversions :)

I still have to do my post on their 5-month check up but let me just say... C is gigantic :)
Hilary said…
They are such cuties!!! Hope you guys have a very Mery Christmas :)
Aunt Becky said…
They are so, so gorgeous! Those eyes are just FLAYING me.
Amy C said… boys weighed almost the same at their 6 month! One was 14.10 and the other 17.4 :-)

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