2011 Goals - Happy New Year!

I have to say blogging has helped me in so many ways. It introduced me to people like Marcia who inspire me to live a more intentional life.

Yesterday, as we drove up to see my parents, which takes almost 3 hours to get to, DH and I took the time to discuss our goals for 2011. We have some really out there lifetime goals that we've worked on, but we decided, especially from Marcia's example to sit and think about what do we want to accomplish this year. I'm going to organize this better, but these are just some of the things we came up with, other than our exercising a certain number of days per week.

1. Put a certain amount of money toward our debt (yes we have some - I did a lot of IVFs and other holistic treatments, you know?)
2. Go to Cape May, NJ for our family vacation this summer
3. Put a certain amount of money in Phoebe's savings account.
4. Install 4 ceiling fans - 2 in upstairs bedrooms and 2 in the conservatory on the first floor
5. Make adjustments to increase our 401K retirement plans
6. Update our wills
7. Organize the garage (this will help with other house projects)
8. Plan our 2011 garden (what will we plant this year?)
9. Start planning out finishing the basement
10. Send taxes over to the accountant by Valentines's Day.
11. Reassess our 529 plans (college savings) - need to increase now that we have two more kids
12. Start learning French - both of us
13. Start piano lessons - me for now
14. Go out on at least 4 date nights per month (I think this often is a stretch goal, LOL!)
15. Clean out the papers in our office drawers - keep only what is necessary.

We had a lot of fun doing this and we even said we wish we started doing this sooner in our life. I like that we did our goals together, because if you know DH and I, we do most of our stuff in sync with each other. It's pretty odd, but we move around each other a lot like a well oiled machine. We do make a great team.

That said - Happy New Year!!! And write down some goals for this year and see if you can get them done! What do you think your goals would look like if you wrote them down?


Anonymous said…
4 dates a month?? wow. i'm not sure we could do that if we wanted to. i just don't have the energy :)

i make to do lists all of the time. i am pretty sure that my "resolutions" or "goals" list is already done somewhere and written down :)
Anonymous said…
We do these every year, too-- and ours look a lot like yours! I have to find a better way to manage paper, especially.

Rebecca said…
Piano lessons!!! I miss playing...wish we had a piano in our house!

I love this list...I made just two resolutions this year, but we seriously need to get a will in place!
Martha (MM) said…
Great list of goals! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Can I tell you how much I love this post?


Thanks for saying I inspired you - I needed to hear that today...

And of course, if you manage the 4 dates, please share your tips because that will indeed be fabulous.

I still need to write about the money thing! how we saw the financial planner and whatnot.
Anonymous said…
Happy new year! I like the 4 dates a month goal. I may make that mine except 2 may be more realistic for us right now! ;)
JEN said…
I need to work out my goals and get them on paper (or my blog)!

Thanks for sharing yours.

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