No Naps = One Very Tired Mommy!

I don't think I'll ever let Liam miss his afternoon nap again. We were really busy on Saturday getting ready for the holidays. We went to our favorite store, Nordstrom Rack, for clothes shopping presents. Found lots of great stuff, but both boys did not nap. The worst part is that we were going straight to an Alumni Holiday Party from my DH's MBA program and the boys were OK in the beginning, but after awhile, they were the worst ever. We fed the boys first and then DH and I ate in shifts. Ever the gentleman, he let me go first, while he kept an eye on the kids playing. This is a family event, so they had some crafts for the kids to do, but our boys, being the toddlers they are, just wanted to eat the little puff balls and sparkly things they had for the kids to glue on. At least that's one of the things they tried to do when I was watching them. They were fine for DH, but for me, they were eating the crafty stuff, running off in different directions, which they never do, and getting into every non-childproofed thing in the place. I will say, I'm usually pretty laid-back about the things the boys do, but this was so bad, I was breaking a sweat and counting the minutes until we could leave. Hopefully, next year will be easier, but I will make sure we don't have holiday shopping to do that afternoon and they do nap.

They still needed yesterday to recover too, so yesterday wasn't that great. Liam in particular was fussy and just wanted to be held when he wasn't napping. I was so glad to get them to bed last night.

The good news, is we are done holiday shopping after going out when the boys were napping. We left them home with Aunt Niki. Then last night I baked a pecan pie for the Holiday do at work and learned to make a fabulous pomegranite martini. I will be sharing the recipes. Hope everyone is close to being ready for the holdays. We just need to wrap presents and do some baking.

What holiday stuff do you have left to do?


BigP's Heather said…
I haven't wrapped a single thing! I didn't (and I'm not going to) send out cards. I'm mostly ok with that but having some guilt.
Mandy said…
I'm still waiting on 3 gifts to arrive! Other than that I have baking, baking and more baking!
I need to phone D's sister to find out what we should bring... and then go buy the food. I also need to buy their presents (photo frames) - I've done the prints already so will wrap when that's done. And I have a hostess gift for her already.

That's it - this year I have done NO baking and I don't intend to. I may... depending on how tired I am on Wed - Fri. I have tons of laundry here (in the hotel) - thank GOD I got Nester in before we left! I am a genius!

My two missed their nap on Sunday and were surprisingly okay. I was bracing myself for the craziness but nothing happened. They did go to bed at about 5:30 though :)

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