No More Monkeys Jumping Out of Bed

We bought more outlet covers, drawer latches and blind cord holders from the local Lowe's this morning after our eye doctor appointment. Don't get me started about the eye doctor appointment. It was like Christmas mass over again. Liam was an angel and Tommy a total devil. Poor kid is getting his eye teeth in now along with Liam and he gets so stubborn about wanting to do what he wants to do! Whew, does he tire me out! Thankfully, I have my ways of getting him to relax a little bit, like singing "The Wheels on the Bus" a million times, with hand gestures. After we got back from our morning errands, the boys wanted lunch and a nap. They slept really long this afternoon and DH was making dinner by the time they woke up, so we haven't had time to do the installations yet and take the sides off the crib.

So this morning, I got up early and made sure I was showered and ready for my day before they were. I was waiting to hear them wake up on the baby monitor (which does have video thank goodness!) and then I could run in before they think about climbing. I did the same for the afternoon nap and I'm sure I'll be doing the same thing tomorrow morning. I really don't want them to hurt themselves. So good luck again tomorrow for us all!


Mermaid said…
My Grace is just now climbing out of her crib, too. She is a monkey girl. We bought one of those tents for over the crib. It works so far, though she hates it. I'm hoping we don't have to move to a toddler bed because she's just not ready. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad to hear you say, er, type that. Lovey Girl has not crawled out of her crib yet, but we've seen signs that it is in our near future so we bought a toddler bed (love Craig's List). She is VERY energetic like your little one and gets into everything.

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