Santa Picture!

We went to the mall on Saturday morning for our annual Santa photo. For all that Phoebe says she doesn't believe, she still acted pretty excited to see Santa. I knew one of the boys would cry for Santa. I just wasn't sure which one it would be. It was Liam. Thankfully, they took the pic very quickly when they realized it was going to escalate. They were good. So he just looks like the beginning of a good cry. Poor kid. You'd think he'd be OK with his sister on one side and his brother on the other, but nope. I still like the pic though. It's a memory of this year.


cat said…
Incredible how one must always cry at Santa!
Jazzie Casas said…
Hi there I am one of many single moms and I find your site very interesting. I hope I have much time each day to drop by and check your site for recent post. By the way thank you for sharing this.
BigP's Heather said…

I have a feeling Katherine might cry this year too.

Like you said, it is a great memory of this year.
I'm also a bit scared of Santa, so I get Liam :)

They are getting so big - ALL of them! Real little boys now.
Carrie Ann said…
What beautiful little ones you have!! Great pic - no Santa picture would be complete without a crier! I think it makes it even cuter!
Deanna said…
That's a great picture! I didn't even notice he was crying at first. Tommy looks like he is just relaxing on the soft belly! : )
Andy P said…
Aww bless, what a beautiful picture. I must say that santa has a cracking beard!

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