Time for More Gratuitous Pics

I took some pics of the boys running around the other day. So just to show you how they are acting like little boys and not babies, I give you the following pictures of cuteness.

Here's Tommy, my big boy, acting like he's up to no good.

Here's Liam with his cute little elf face. He still looks just like me as a toddler.

Tommy is such a happy boy. This is the way he is most of the time.

And more Liam cuteness with his monkey blanket. Liam loves any receiving blanket. He's not very picky about that.

Oh my goodness! I better take more pictures of these cute boys! The next set of pics should be of them in regular clothes and not their pjs.


Rebecca said…
Those jammers are adorable as are the kiddos! They are such happy kids and starting to look like big boys!!!
THey are GORGEOUS - which one can I have for Kendra?

Then we can be real life friends :)

You still didn't tell me - when did they start walking?

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