Mullets and Other Early 80s Fun

Tommy's hair has been starting to look like a mullet and I couldn't take it anymore. So before bath time tonight, I took a trimmer my DH has and just trimmed the back of his head. It's not the best job. I am not a good hair dresser; however, no one would notice any issues as he doesn't sit still to look at his head to begin with. At least he no longer has that look of "serious up front, party in the back" look to his hair. I really couldn't take it anymore.

That said, also in the topic of the early 80s, have you ever done anything earlier in your school life that people (especially mean girls) used to tease you about until you graduated and now you think it was really cool? So all I have to say is "Tara White, if you are out there, I'd really like that pic you have of me dressed up as Boy George when I was in 7th grade." It embarrassed me when I was younger, but now I feel like I was pretty cool. Yeah, I know it's cool only in my own mind, but I'd love that pic she used to go around showing people to embarrass me. I need that piece of history.


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