Guess What And Who

Guess who climbed out of his crib after his afternoon nap today? Liam did. I'm completely not surprised, as I do call him my Monkey Boy for a reason. He might be smaller by Tommy by 2 inches and 5 lbs, but he's a climber. They were finishing up their nap this afternoon when all of a sudden I heard a really loud cry. I didn't hear a bump or a bang, so I don't think he fell hard. I ran upstairs, knowing this was not a normal cry and I found Liam standing in the middle of his room, crying and looking confused like, "What did I just do!!!!!" And Tommy was looking at him like, "Wow! That was cool. Can I try it?"

We're going to take the sides off the cribs very soon. We need to get drawer latches to baby proof their furniture, otherwise we'll end up with clothes all over the room every day. Their sister never did that, but I know they will. I have a dresser near their cribs and the top drawer is now empty as they would empty that from their cribs when they needed some entertainment. So we need the drawer latches, some of the really hard to pull out outlet covers (Tommy finds the easier ones a challenge when he sees them and takes them out), DH needs to hang a poster that's sitting in a frame on their floor and I'm sure we'll come up with something else that needs to be done quickly. Our thought is to have them all done by the end of the week.

For tonight, we have pillows on the floor outside their cribs in case either of them decide this is a good thing to try again.


Martha (MM) said…
Yikes, better put that on the to do list for tomorrow! I remember those days. That is one way my boys were harder than my daughter, but not to worry, later the boys are the easier ones :-)
LOL that's going to be Kendra too - we let them sleep on their feeding pillows to make breathing easier while they cough in their sleep and yesterday I found K on top of the pillow trying to climb...

So, no more pillow but she's going to try something else..

They also unpack their chest of drawers which is why the room door stays closed when they're awake.

Good to hear from you.

btw, go to organising queen dot com - all one word :)
Queenie. . . said…
I guess that's one benefit to having a baby who refuses to nap in her crib--no death-defying crib vaulting!
Coni said…
Hi Heather! You could place a small trampoline by the bed and he'll bounce back in...LOL Love the dress, ur not getting it back!! I will b taking the FLIP so I'll send videos! Had a great time with the POM-POM's ( I named ur drink) and the closet fashion show..LMAO!
Anonymous said…
omg. i'm not looking forward to this!! you're only a few months ahead of us in age. i shudder to think of putting latches on the dresser, etc. yuck!!

glad he wasn't hurt, though!!

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