Twin Boys Early Intervention Update

Last Tuesday we had the annual Early Intervention assessment update and both boys do still qualify for therapy, but different than before. Here's the update:

Physical Therapy: Liam will be down to 2x/month (was weekly); Tommy no PT.
Occupational Therapy: Liam no longer needs. Tommy never needed.
Speech Therapy: Both boys qualify. They are going to go back and discuss if it should be a speech therapist or a teacher to work on their communication skills and the frequency.

I'm not worried about the speech stuff. I'm sure it will come soon enough and we'll be begging them for a moment of quiet. But I'm all about getting them help to communicate better as they have said some things, but they will say it once and then never again. Then they do get frustrated when you can't understand what they want, so at this point, I'd be happy for better communication of what they want. I can't always say I'll give it to them, LOL! I also think they are a bit delayed in communication and talking as they have spent a lot of time and energy learning to walk and now run. They definately understand what we are saying, as we'll ask them things like, "Where is your nose?" or "Where is Phoebe?" and they will point to their nose or Phoebe without issue. BTW, this comes in handy for distracting them from other things like when they are fussy at a restaurant and want to get out of their seat. They love to show off what they know. But the funny thing I've noticed Tommy do sometimes is if I ask, "Where is Mommy?" he points to himself. I never realized Tommy and Mommy sound so similar. I'm trying to show him the difference in how I say the two, so hopefully that will help. However, if it is a hearing issue (like my husband had when he was little) we'll find out in January, when the pediatrician is going to give his ears a once over, I believe measuring the pressure in his ears. He did have an ear infection in November.

So that's how things are going in our house. I will be posting this week's menu plan soon.


Have I missed it? When did they start walking... and running? ) I love little boys!!!!!!!!!

Do you do baby sign language with them?

I have found Kendra a LOT more verbal than Connor but I haven't bothered to count his words :) I am terrible, aren't I?
Carrie Ann said…
Teddy (23 months) had his hearing fully tested at the hospital through early intervention in my state. They did 3 different tests (very cool) and it lasted about an hour. Maybe your state will provide that too.

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