Another Time Lapse Post - ala Bridget Jones Style

11:20 AM - Had meeting with my boss this morning. Now I'm currently reviewing resumes for the Mumbai manager position on my team and getting interviews setup. I have a meeting in 10 minutes, so let's get through this fast. There are only 3 resumes to review.

1:25 PM - done with communicating with Mumbai HR and setting up interviews for Monday and Wednesday. Also cleaned out some emails. Now I need to do some research on a bunch of emails from one topic that someone is looking for more information on.

3PM - lots of people stopping by my cube today. All work related conversations, but I finally figured out what I need to do for the research for someone. I need to look up some metadata and send them info on 39 fields we send. I don't have time to do it right now, as I have to go home, pick up SIL, Niki, as we have a hair appointment at 4 PM. I'll finish this research later at home.

5:20 PM - I love my iPhone! I'm at the hairdressers getting my roots done. Will be very happy when this is done. I'm catching up on blog reading on my phone. Getting really hungry. Niki and I will get a bite to eat when we are done. Then I have that work thing to finish at home as well as finish writing out some bills.


I love this style...I should try this!

I need an droid is not making me happy!

When I first came to your page today, it asked me for a password...then I clicked "cancel" and it let me in. Was it something I said? ;)

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