Getting It Done

I've had a great day today. At work, after coming back from taking a four day weekend (not just a three day weekend), I got caught up on most of the emails. There are a few I have to do some research to answer. I also started folders for each of the two contractors that are starting on 13 June, which contain information on the accounts and other essentials I'm requesting for them. That's my way of keeping papers for new hires on what they need for their first days on the job. I also left work at a decent time.

I picked up an old Apple laptop I had in the shop, and I'm so proud of me for dropping that off at a local computer repair shop. Apple had told me it would take over $1,000 to repair and it wasn't under warranty, so I should probably just buy a new one. We did that as I really needed a computer that would work at home (to work from home when the kids are ill, juggling appointments, etc.) and I figured I'd try to get the old one fixed somewhere else, but never had time to look into it. I prioritized it last week and it was all taken care of for $300. And let me tell you that laptop was in sad shape. The 4 key hadn't worked in ages, the battery died and the mouse stopped working. Everything is fixed and I'm so happy to now have two working laptops in the house!

I got home, we had dinner (Liam's appetite still hasn't picked up), cleaned up the dishes, bathed the boys, read them a book, said their prayers, went through Phoebe's school papers, straightened up the living room/playroom. Now I'm going to clean up the papers on my desk, do the bills and work out. If I can get that done, I'll be a happy camper and feel some great accomplishment today.

And I also feel good that I know I do need to work on time management so I went to fellow twin blogger Marcia's business website and signed up for her newsletters. I'm definitely going to take her advice and get my time better organized and working more efficiently.


Mandy said…
Little bit at a time! That's my motto.

I have to ask where you went! I'm ashamed to say I have 3 dead macbooks at the moment. All have water damage and I've just bought new each time. If I can fix them for $300 I will be the happiest girl ever!!
I saw you signed up - enjoy!

You are doing a fantastic job of being a good steward of your money and of getting things done!

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